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Our Physical Therapists treat all ages for a wide range of medical conditions in a warm, comfortable office setting. In today’s health care system, Physical Therapists are experts in the examination and treatment of orthopedic and neuromuscular problems with a goal to improve the function and overall quality of life of the patient.

We believe that each person who receives physical therapy is an individual and should be treated as such.

Our experienced team of physical therapists begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. This includes a thorough physical examination, a review of your health and treatment history, and a one-on-one consultation where you can express your concerns and receive answers to all of your questions. We will also update your physician with a detailed evaluation, findings, progress notes and re-evaluations during your treatment.

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To render high quality, caring, and goal oriented rehabilitation in a professional, relaxed atmosphere provided by knowledgeable and understanding specialists.

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